#Yoga favorites – Pose 7-9 from Progam I

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Hello again yoginitas! Lets continue with our yoga favorites. Today we are gonna take a look at exercise 7-9 from program. Lets see how these can be executed in a healthy way. To see the explanation of the first 6 exercises you can check this page; http://elizabethkilli.com/yoga-favorites-part-1-the-first-6-poses-from-program-i

We have come to the part of the program between 15 sec 30 sec. Here is the video again so you can see how the exercises are interrelated.

Before I say anything else; Remember that it is not I who have made the names of the exercises! Some of them are pretty out there so to speak, but I guess the idea is that we somehow will manage to remember them better like this, by having freaky names, but what do I know 🙂 Here are the exercises that we are gonna go through:

  • Nr. 7: 4 Limbed Staff Pose (alt; 3 Limbed Staff Pose)
  • Nr 8: Upward Facing Dog
  • Nr 9: Downward Facing Dog

7. “Plank” to “4 Limbed Staff pose” (alt. 3 Limbed Staff Pose)

Plank to 4 limbed staff pose

Plank to 4 limbed staff pose

The starting point is now the plank, where you tighten the buttocks and thighs, holding your but up nod to protect your lower back. Push away from the ground with your arms. From plank, take a deep breath and lower yourself slowly by bending your elbows as you exhale.

Elbows are pointing straight out and back, and are next to the body. Lower yourself down until you have a 90 degree or less in the elbow joint. We are not lowering our selves completely down on the ground. We are hovering above the ground. If you feel strong and want to try lifting one leg, for example the leg on the side you are working, (right in this case), then please do so by pressing your leg up, keeping the kne extended.. Stay there a half-a-second.

8. “4 Limbed Staff pose” to “Upward Facing Dog”

4 Limbed Staff pose to Upward Facing Dog

4 Limbed Staff pose to Upward Facing Dog

From 4 limbed Staff Pose you take another deep breath, looking straight ahead, and on exhale, push slightly forward while arching the back, stretching out the elbows and looking up into the sky. Balance and stretch your toes backwards.

It is important that your shoulders are far away from your ears, so really push through your arms and make as big of a space between your chest and ground as possible. Look up or straight forward. Knees and hips hovers slightly above ground.

9.”Upward Facing Dog” to “Downward Facing Dog”

Up Dog to Down Dog via Plank

Up Dog to Down Dog via Plank

(What we actually are doing now (step 1-12) is called a sun salutation. You  probably have heard that term before. Well, now you know what it is too.) From Upward Facing Dog, you do acouple of inhales and exhales before proceeding

Next, we are going to swing through the plank and proceed straight to Downward Facing Dog. Inhale into Upward facing Dog. Put your toes in the mat behind you. On the exhale, look to the ground, put your toes under your body again,  extending well the back while raising the hips again to plank. Continue uninterrupted and push hips and buttocks even further up and back until your arms and back are in a straight line.

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

A couple of important issues / objectives in Downward Facing Dog is:

  • Heels down
  • Extend your knees
  • Press navel towards the ground so that we get a light arch in the lumbar area
  • Press chest towards the knees with the help of your arms

This is a legendary exercise that guaranteed appears in 90% of all yoga programs. So work a bit in this one. Next time we finally get to the main exercises in this program! One Legged Down Dog, Warrier I and II, Triangle and more 😉 Hope you practice a little until next time! See you soon! And here is a music clip from my all time favorites” list, how can you not love this song..! Enjoy!


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