Worried xmas gonna destroy your workout mode?

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Are you one of those who are worried about loosing your work out rhythm during the Christmas season? Thinking xmas is just stress. Not because there are thousands of packages to buy and a calendar full of family dinners, but because it is difficult to get your training into the schedule? Diet and exercise plans quickly go out the window during the holidays, and I worried about that too for a long time, until I made an important change; I began to think a little different! And it’s actually not hard either!


Instead of wasting a lot of time frustrating over this time, which is really just supposed to be a lovely and relaxing time with your family, then simply just let go. Let Christmas come, enjoy it for what it is worth, take some days completely off from diet plans, workout regimens and goals, and just enjoy being a bit of a pig for a few days and just indulge in the holidays lovely food and magical time with those you love.

Juleribbe bilde fra www.moestue.com

Juleribbe bilde fra www.moestue.com

I mean; Christmas is here anyway, and if there is anyone that can handle a few days of “pigging out”, its YOU !! It is not those few days of Christmas that ruins your training. Its our attitude after Christmas that could ruin it..!

So I’ve turned it around; I look at it as a tasty challenge. Actually; the tastiest kind of challenge; to “have to” eat lots of good food, relax and pig out a bit .. Then move on and get your self together again afterwards and feeling your body in need of movement.


Besides; are you that person who exercise evenly throughout the year, it is probably just healthy with a few days off the strict diet plans and hard workouts. So use xmas as a conscious part of your plan, if you are a person totally dependent on a plan that is.. OR; do as I finally did; let go of all your control needs, and just let Christmas come, with all the traps you may have to walk into. BRING IT ON! MERY XMAS EVERYONE!

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