Useless use of plastic

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Now this.. This is what I would call a complete useless use of plastic. I just walked into one of the major supermarked chain stores of Norway to buy some veggies, and this is what I found. A HUGE WALL of plastic wrapped veggies.. A wall as long as the eye could see.  I mean you have got to be kidding me?

Useless use of plastic

Needless to say, this view is not what I expected from Norway..

Here I am, straight from Sri Lanka, Portugal and Spain, thinking they needed to learn a lesson or two from us about recycling and plastic use. But ohh what a slap in the face this was! How useless is this use of plastic really? I mean, I cant think of one good reason to do this? Are we scared of germs? No it cant be that.. Is it to protect it from dieing of time before it gets to the stores? Now maybe its that, but well cant we live with more short travelled food? Then again; a lot of this food is produced in Norway.. And even “organic”. Could be they dont use poison when they grwo the veggies, but they sure as hell use it post growth.

I felt like I was committing a useless crime on mother earth here buying this as there were no way around getting a veggie without getting the extra plastic. If I had a choice I would chose the ones who were not wrapped like this, but they all were. So I guess the issue should be addressed to the producers of the vegetables, and then the supermarkets that add them to the sheves, to make this please stop, so that we are consumers can at least have a choise in the matter!  PLEASE HELP, REDUCE USELESS USE OF PLASTIC.

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