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Hello again,

my little surf kickstart ended up kicking off in Spain (!) where I have gone for a proper retirement vacation! I have gone on a little surprise visit to my soon to be 85 year old dad, along with my brother, his wife and two young children. It has been a plans for a while so now we are here, hanging around in Albir, Spain, a proper Mecca for retired folks. It is not exactly surf friendly here so to speak ..! Check this ocean view, not quite the view I would prefer, but hey; its sunny and nice!

The unwanted view of the ocean

On the way home I found this monkey bar. If you are like me; loving short and effective work out sessions, then this is a pretty perfect tool!


If you fancy a quick workout that keeps your paddling strength up, you can easily work out the entire upper body with only a few essential exercises and a bar to hang in! One good example is shown here; it only takes 12.5 minutes (18.75 min if you count the intervalls) and it consists of 5 exercises. The last exercise is a challenge and can be changed. Use your imagination and find a different twist to it. One idea is good old crunches, figure it out ;)
  1. Push ups
  2. Monkey climb
  3. Hanging leg raises
  4. Pullups
  5. Iron X (hvis du er klar for en liten utfordring) or crunches

Do 30 seconds at each station and maximum 15 seconds intervalls to switch station. Do as many repetitions as you can during those 30 seconds. Try to to 5 sets/rounds. Hard, but short and efficient and it feels good! For a more detailed description of each exercise, and how to perform them in a good way, please continue reading:

Push ups

Pop up push up_2

Its lways good to have an exercise that pushes from or pulling in towards your chest. To imitate a pop up on a surfboard t I placed my legs on a higher plateau. My elbows are close to the body and hands are next to my chest. Be sure to look up! Tighten the stomach and buttocks and thighs, and protect your lower back by raising your hips slightly. Imagine that someone holds your hips so that they do not fall down” down.

Monkey climb

Monkey climb 3

This is really fun! It‘s like walking steps, but hanging from your hands. Begin by taking every step. Eventually you might skip a step like in the picture. Try to keep your legs together for maximum effect on the torso.

Hanging leg raises

Leg raise_3

Heng as if you gonna do pullups. But instead of pulling up you lift the legs up high as you can, and lower them back down slowly. Keep your legs together. You will definately feel this in your core muscles. Try not to make speed by rocking back and fourth, that is cheating😉



Pullups is a brilliant exercise. I always like to add something that pulls you up and back down. Try to find a bar where you can not reach the ground, and make sure your body is fully extended. Tighten the muscles in your legs. Try to avoid swinging your legs (kipping). Keep them still.

I like using a pronated grip, like the picture, but if you want to train biceps more, you can use the opposite grip so that your fingertips are pointing towards you (supination grip). Pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar and then lower yourself slowly until you are fully extended!

Iron X (human flag men med beina ut i en splitt)

Iron X_1

This is for those who fancy a little balance / strength / flexibility challenge. I’m also a pole fitness instructor, so when I see a vertical rod then I just have to try out some favorite moves. If you want a simple version, try good old fashioned crunches!

After a warm session like this jump into the ocean, or the nearest pool if you have the chance 😉

Dive into pool

Talk to you later!

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