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Who would have thought that statistics class in school would come in handy one day?! But I actually do use a surf diary and keep a tiny statistic after each surf. And the most important part is the fun-scale. I mean, that is the most important after all. The day that hits rock bottom for good I will just quit. Anyways, the scale actually works pretty well as a motivator! So I thought I could explain briefly here how I use stats in my surf to motivate myself, maybe it works for you too: D

Pantai LimaThis can be used in all kinds of sports so clear, you just pick some essenstial, measurable parameters that you can use to test your progress. pick something that motivates you. In my case I use the number of surfed waves (yey), and the number of missed waves (bummer). Belive it or not, but surf actually require both planning, thinking and counting! Holy moly how do we do it? šŸ˜‰


I use a simple list of 5 factors that are not directly linked to my efforts in the surf (they measure external factors around me and that also affect my performance). And then I have 3 factors that has to do with my efforts out there. I‘m just trying to figure out in what circumstances I struggle, when I have fun, and most of all; when I actually catch the most waves!


So; I use this simple statistics as shown below, both to motivate myself, but also to understand better what I’m doing out there. What I do good, and what I fail at .. do I lack objective? Do I need to do more functional training? Are there some conditions where I suck more than others? Is it the equipment? Do I choose the wrong time to surf? I guess; to become better we need to figure out what we are doing wrong, right?


Nerd alert, but here goes; I lists the target for the day, surf spot, wind and wave conditions, the board I use and the number of waves I surfed. For surfers who havent been in the water for a while, or for beginners, maybe you can start with counting each wave where I did not put the knee down in the pop-up. Eventually it may be; each wave where I did a good turn”, and that way you advance slowly but surely. And then you can start to aim higher every time. Finally I throw into a “fun factor” number on a 1-10 scale. After all, the most important thing is to get top marks on the fun scale right!?


Parameters measuring conditions, equipment etc:

The aim of the session; Catch at least 5 waves
Surf Spot; Bingin, Bali Indonesia. Left Wave. Reef.
Surf Conditions: 4-5 feet. SW swell. Glassy and consistent. Mid tide going up
Number of waves in each set: 8
Table; 6 0 Anarchy Squash speech

Statistically measurable parameters masuring my efforts:

Waves surfed: 6
Waves strikes: 3
Fun factor: 7


Try it next time you surf, if you arent already doing it! Or try to create your own that suits the training you are into šŸ™‚Ā  Attached is a picture of our last surf check at sunset from Ericeira, just because it’s so much nicer to look at than my ugly face: D Catch you later guys.


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