The ultimate new year detox brew!

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Feel like all the christmas celebrations have taken its toll on your body? Getting low on energy? Do you want to seriously improve your liver function? This detox brew is the motherload of detox juices I have tried so far. So be prepared for epicness!

Detox Brew from Tveitanklinikken

I got this recipe from my amazing friend Marianne Tveitan: owner of Tveitan Klinikken i Oslo. This Detox Clinic by the way, is really worth a trip. Especially now after christmas. If I was in Oslo, I would book me a series of treatments. Anyways, back to the recipe. Its so simple its riddiculus. You will find every single ingredience basically anywhere:



  • 1 whole red chili (cut it in two)
  • 1 whole red onion (cut in four)
  • 1 large piece from a ginger (cut in slices)
  • 1 whole garlic (open in 4 pieced)
  • 1/2 leek (split in 2)
  • sea salt, malton salt or himalaya salt

Here is the genious part; you dont even need to take any peel off. You just cut it open. Throw it in a pot and add water until everything is submerged. Boil it and then let it keep boiling on a low heat for like 10 minutes. Drink the liqquid and leave the vegetables for a new round. You can easily use the same vegetables for a whole day of this brew. And it tastes amazing. I know its hard to belive, but it is true!

4 pic description

Detox program

Well, this part is what ever you make of it. BUT; I would reccommend to try do drink 4 large cups of this brew  per day during one week. So about 1-5-2 liters of it. And if you throw in a fast day or two, expect even better results.

My friend tested her blood levels before and after one week of this brew and the results were astounishing. Liver functions like a 19 year old, and she is 55! Energy levels like a Duracell Bunny. Her PT son had to ask her to stop with the brew because he couldnt keep up with her traning energy levels. Lets just say; its worth a try. And the tast: FANTASTICO!






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