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Surfrider Foundation deserves a lot of praise for the work that they do. I hope everyone gets inspired to do a bit more to save our environment and our oceans! Surfrider is a community of everyday people who passionately protect our playground – the ocean, waves, and beaches that provide us so much enjoyment. Read more about their important work here:

If you ever wondered where the trash goes, think about this one for a second..

how long until its gone

Dont destroy what you came to enjoy!Here are 5 simple suggetions we can all do to help save our beaches and oceans:

  1. Pick up your trash and throw it in the right recycle bin.
  2. Pick up trash you see on your way home from the surf session.
  3. Use a refill water bottle in stead of buying new bottles.
  4. Walk to the surf if you have the chance, or join in on a car pool.
  5. How about having a vegetarian day or two per week? Some production of meat and fish produce a lot of waste and destrction, so we can help by cutting back on the consumtion.

If you are not convinced that the ocean needs saving, than have a look at these photos, and let me tell you, I picked the softer once. If you start researching, sadly you will find some horrific examples of how we destroy our oceans, animals, and even our own food! Do what you can, and do it today!

pics from surfrider foundation

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