Sprints in the sand

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Short sprints can be a hell of a work out. And adding a few explosive exercises for the glutes in the end will get you through the day not worrying about the leg training, AND its super fun!

Sprints and glutes for todays training

Todays training was again; short and “sweet”:

  • 1 km warm up run
  • 5 x 50 meters sprints in the sand with  45 seconds rest between sprints
  • 3 x 10 box jumps
  • 3 x 10 step ups with kick backs on each leg, with weights
  • 1 km cool down run

total time: about 35 minutes

Pre workout

How to do the box jumps

Just make sure you are trying on a hight that you can manage. On every jump, try to extend the knees fully so you get that deep squat in on top there. And tighten the glutes on top. Then when you jump back, dont stop. Use the momentum from the jump to reload directly into a new jump. This is a great way to get explosive strenght fast and jump even higher.

How to do the step ups with kick back

Easy. Just work on the same plateau as the box jumps. Or maybe you can even go higher…? Step up one leg at a time, fully extend the knee on the leg you are stepping with while you kick back with the other leg explosively. Double glute charging guaranteed 😀

Thats all! Round it off with a light jog to your house and you are good to go. Hope you join in next time 😀


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