Ready, Steady, Sprint

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Sprint intervalls. Love´em or hate´em, they kinda work wonders.. It takes a bit of motivation and convincing in my brain to go for it, but when I do, I realise fast how efficient it is. I also realize that even though its hard work, its not much time needed to improve. So when in a hurry, this training is awesome. It heps improve your endurance, your explosiveness and your O2 uptake as well as your lactic acid threshhold. So why not throw it in there every now and then. To check your status 😀 Its also a great way to overcome your own mental obstacles that prevent you from improving and getting stronger. So go out there and push yourself! And even better; grab a friend and sprint together!

Sprint pyramide intervalls

Now how could you set this kind of training up? One way of doing it that for me feels like a nice transition into sprint intervalls, is to use a pyramid set up. What do I mean by that? It can either be in relations to the time per sprint, and time inbetween sprint, or in relations to sprint distance and distance between the next sprint.

So, today I chose to set the distance as the parameter, since I did not have a timer with me. I used nature and set 4 different distances from the start line. Every distance had about 30 meters inbetween. So from start to the first stop line its 30 meters. Next round your pass the first stop line and add more 30 meters. So now you sprint 60 meter. I had 4 stop lines, so the distance from the start to the last stop line was 120 meter. I sprinted to this line 2 times, before I started going “back” the line, and stop by stop 3, 2 and in the end; stop line 1 again.

By the end of the training you have sprinted 30 + 60 + 90 + 120 + 120 + 90 + 60 + 30 = 600 meters 😀 And that is a great job! The great part with this system is that you keep pushing yourself by adding distance, but you get added time to recover as well. Try it! Just make sure you warm up with some light jogging at least 10 minutes, anda bit of dynamic stretching before start. And the same when you are finished sprinting. End with a 10 minute light jog to get rid of lactic acid that might build up, and stretch well after. Good luck! And dont forget an awesome playlist to work out to! Here is a good one;

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