Pineapple, coconut and mint juice

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Can a Piña Colada really be healthy? Oh yes. If you make it a virgin Piña Colada that is 😀 Fresh pineapple, pure coconut water and a hint of mint is all you need for an epic morning kickstarter.


Piña Colada

This is a solid enzyme bomb, that not only tastes amazing, but its really good for your digestion. The pineapple contains enzymes that help us break down large proteins. So if you had a huge breakfast, this could be a good ending to the feast. It takes only about a minute to make it. The pineapple also gives you loads of vitamin C.  The coconut is full of electrolytes to fire up the signals between your muscles and nerves. Its therefor a great pre and post work out drink. The coco also contains large quantities of magnesium. This is an important mineral for your muscles and prevent muscle cramping and shaking.

My absolute favorite Coconut water is Dr. Antonio Martins Pure Organic Coconutjuice. Kokkosvann


  • 150 gram apineapple fruit
  • 3 dl coconut water (or 2 table spoons of coconut milk and then add some water)
  • 5-6 mint leafs
  • Ice cubes

Poor it all into the blender and serve immediately 😀 SALUDE!





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