Yoga does and donts, part I

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Now that we have ended a yoga program so it’s time to look at the typical issues people make on the classic positions of our first yoga program. Now before you say anything; I know, there is no real mistakes, and the path to perfection is not the path we are on, and in the process it self there are no mistakes. bla bla bla.. But; apart from that, if you want to try to avoid injuries, then this could be helpful.

It was actually kind of fun to try and make some mistakes today, it felt so strange, and afterwards I really felt how bad it was for the body. Knees, back and shoulders felt the pain… Here is a little look at the program again. We will talk about some exercises from this program, and attempt to address the biggest mistakes people often make.

Yoga-positions we will address:

  • Mountain pose
  • Standing Half Forward Bend
  • Downward Facing Dog
  • Upward Facing Dog

NB! The pictures to the left show the WRONG way of doing the pose, and the right pictures show the CORRECT way of doing the pose.

Mountain pose

Typical errors here is that the athlete does not engage the stomach, do not relax the shoulders, nor pull the pelvis slightly under the body. Instead they stick the butt out, and the back becomes extremely arched as it does not get any support from the core muscles. The shoulder muscles become tired and potentially inflamed from being pulled to the ears all the time!

Just tighten the stomach, relax your shoulders, and pull the pelvis slightly under the body while keeping the natural little curve in your lower back..

Mountain Pose

Standing Half Forward Bend

The most common mistake here is that the person fails to keep a small arch in the lower back, which we naturally should have. The result is a rounded back and little involvement of the spinal and core musculature.

Tighten your stomach, try pulling the shoulders down and back and imagine that you want a little arch down the lower back.

Standing half forward bend

Standing half forward bend

Downward Facing Dog

The most common mistake here is that the person fails to get the heels on the ground, or to get the knees more extended. Furthermore, it is also necessary here to work on getting that little arch in the lower back, by constantly pushing the belly button down towards the ground. In the picture to the left here, I also put a lot of weight forward, over the arms and shoulders, rather than pushing myself backwards.

Straighten your knees, looked down heels, pressure navel to the floor and slide backwards with his arms, then it will after each look like this:

Downward facing dog

Downward facing dog

Upward Facing Dog

Oh my. This picture makes me feel pain all over. Shoulders arwe all the way up under my ears and the knees are on the ground. A better way would be to get as much distance between the shoulders and ears as possible, look forward or slightly up, then probably your hips and knees will lift off the ground and you are in full upward facing dog.

Upward Facing Dog

Upward Facing Dog

Next time we will take a look at tipical errors done in these poses:

  • Warrior 1
  • Warrior 2
  • Lunge
  • Side Plank

see ya!

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