We won the contest!

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Crazy, but true! Xibanga and I, we actually won both classes in the contest this week. That is why it has been a bit quiet from me lately. We have been training a little extra of course, and actually nailedit in both classes! AND; overall best result 😀 This week I have been loving my horses. No surf, just storm, so then I could focus a little extra on the competitions that I had promised to enter in ..

Contest time

før konkurransen

I did not have too much time to focus on taking pictures this week. I was mostly just keen on keeping the horse happy. He is my main training partner in this case after all, and the greatest athlete in the competition! So the pictures are from day 1, M1 🙂

pa banen extended

Today I am back here and very proud of Xibanga, who worked so hard all the way to the end, and who gave it all he had.. Even if I forget to allow myself this, I am also a little proud of myself.. 😀 Im proud that I dared to take this challenge, and jump into the equestrian competitions, although the first and last time was a pony competition when I was 12 🙂

I am also super proud of our coach Sj. Luis Matos for all the time he has spent on us in the past. And especially; for letting me ride his horse Xibanga, who is a true golden child of a horse! Check out the art of Sj. Matos by the way. He has an exhibition now and it is amazing!

Luis Matos Artwork

Contest time

The competitions consisted of two training classes; M1 and M2 divided between military and civilians. I can not directly compete with the military, but we were measured against those as well in the end total score. On Tuesday we did M1 and won with the best results of both the civilian and the military. Excellent Fun! Personally, I feel that it could not have gone much better. Perhaps with the exception of all the stress in advance. Just too many people and opinions about everything… Next time we will to things differently…


I have to add that we also had the responsibility to prepare another rider to her competition, on the same horse! So the horse did both competition 2 times (!) But he is super strong and coped really well!

Wednesday, in contrast to Tuesday, we were alone about everything, since both our trainer, groomer, friends and acquaintances were occupied and not be able to show up. In fact, it was kinda nice actually. It was nice to just be able to focus on ourselves and prepare in our own way, without too much input from others. NIIIICE.



It was also the first time EVER that we went through the program M2 physically.. We had NEVER ridden it. I had JUST visualised it in my head, so conditions were not quite right for us (it’s like lining up for a dance competition in which you have just set up the choreography in your head, but never danced it) but I had said OK to try so we just had to go all in..

As preparations were made in silence with much visualization and with this song playing in my head.. Someone recognize it?For me, music is essential in order to be able to get the energy I need to perform.. How do you guys feel about it? Music or silence?



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