# 5 min for legs – Staircase running

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Once again I am pressed for time, so I managed a leg workout in about 5 minutes with a hardcore flight up the beach stairs. I’m constantly on the go during the day and have little time between work, training to competition, the dance studio, yoga classes, dance classes, studies etc so to run a long training session is not always easy.

In addition, I actually dont have access to a training studio at the moment. My own is under renovation and the city’s fitness centers has impossible opening hours. So then I need to find solutions in nature and with simple means. But it’s OK! And everyone has 5 minutes.. Fortunately for me I’m so lucky to have an absolutely magical natural terrain right outside the door, so I am so happy to be here Ericeira ..

Staircase running

Anyways, back to business; I have the opportunity to try this, then do it. It’s an insanely good workout and you train your endurance, agility, strength and last but not least; your coordination!

How to set up the training

Find nearest stairwell solution, preferably as long as possible. The wonderful thing about stairs is that it is so measurable! You can count steps, or rounds for that matter. In all cases it is super easy to measure your progress, which is important to stay motivated. Warm up with some light jogging and soft stretching and then lets started:

Run as fast as you can up all the stairs or up to a certain height. These stairs about 200 meters long and has more than 250 steps (in between the stairs there are small plateaus so I get some small intervals between, thankfully ..;) Depending on how long staircase you have, the method could be either doing as many rounds og 5 min as possible, or count how many steps you manage upwards of 5 minutes.

What I did today was to run as fast as I could to the very top. I thought I was faster than lightning, but it actually took more than 2 minutes to get up, so I went quietly down again (spent about 3 1/2 min of it, and so I did another lap. On the second round I was way slower. Nearly 3 minutes.. However, a total of 5 minutes of exercise and I am absolutely jelly legs.. Now Ill just jump into a hot bath and grab dinner. See ya!

Evaluation on a scale of 1 – 10

Equipment Needs: 5 (Weeeeell, you need the stairs ..)
Effect: 8 (butt and legs, as well as lung capacity)
Easy to perform: 8 (need some coordination and some explosiveness and agility)
Average rate: 7

(Ikledd Kari Traa fra topp til tå)

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