10 golden rules of surfing

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  1. Make surf a priority if you want to improve.
  2. Know the conditions of the surf spot before you jump in; channel, peak, hazzards and exit point. Safety first..
  3. Always have a goal of the day for your surfing.
  4. Always respect the lineup, but don’t let the lineup disrespect you!
  5. Don’t be such a chicken! When its your turn, go to the peak and catch the wave from there.
  6. When a wave is coming for you, you go for it!
  7. Dont fight the ocean, you will never win. Be smart, be calm and react fast to what ever the ocean serves you.
  8. There is no shame in heading for the beach if the ocean gets to wild for you.. Better safe than sorry
  9. Dont destroy what you came to enjoy! Pick up the trash that you see in your way. Help preserve the ocean.
  10. Be thankful! You are lucky to be here surfing and evnoying life!

Banner-2Photo by: Christian Houge

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