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Lapoint surfcamp delivers again! For those of you who dont know this company of awesomeness and #goodtimes; Lapoint is a surf and kite travel company, and my primary work family. This year I got to spend 2 months in our amazing camp in Sri Lanka

As I was there I had no time to really write, as the days were spent surfing, working, treating surfers, hanging with amazing people, and drinking coconut water all day 😀 What else do you need reallly..? But now that I am back in Europe, I thought I would just share some of the awesomeness that is Lapoint Sri Lanka.

Photo by Diogo Infante Photo by Diogo Infante

Lapoint Sri Lanka

Lapoint have camps all over the world. Sri Lanka is one of our top destinations. Its an absolutely amazing camp, you can check out the house Garden Villa that I lived in here. I went there to work with sports massage and body alignment with the surfers visiting the camp. I had such an amazing time. The staff and the local crew there are all AMAZING! 2nd family.. We even had xmas and new years together. It was so fun! I was amazed to see all the effort the local crew did for us. They are truly surf camp heroes! Thank you so much guys. I miss you. But I will be back soon..

The social host and surf instructors are also the ultimate dream team. There is an Angel, a Yogini, a Portuguese house mafia, Kate Bosworth, a Kate Beckinsale, an Ozzie Wild Child, a Boss, a Swedish Surf Shredder and a whole bunch more. To know who is who you need to go there ;D

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Level 3 surf lessons

At the same time I got to surf on Level 3 lessons. And trust me, it couldt have come in a better time. This year has been very hectic and so the surf has come in as a secondary priority, and unfortuanately it shows. BIG TIME! Holy moly Im almost sorry for all the work I gave the instructor heroes over at Sri Lanka Level 3.. However, amazing as they are they got me back at least in the right direction. So now I know the biggest mistakes I do and what needs work again. The list is long, but its not impossible to correct ahaha.

The level 3 instructors in Sri Lanka at the moment are seriously good! I could not be happier. D&D; you are the ultimate dream team. Thank you for always keeping it fun and interesting, for always evolving and looking for new ways to teach, for never quitting on the students, for staying humble, but great, for all the motivation and inspiration as we look to your surfing, and for always giving 100 % in the lessons. Cant wait for more.

Photo by Ryan Clarke

I chose level 3 because I have spent quite some time in the water over the years, so I can manage without needing immediate assistance for safety and stuff, but my surf still sucks and I do struggle with lots of the same issues as people on level 1.. So the levels are more to distinguish the level of experience or time spent in the water, and the level of comfort in different wave sizes, rather then your level of “shredding abilities”. And thank God for that. I would be level -1 if so.. But hey, its still fun as hell and I wouldnt ever replace surf for anything in the world. Here are some photos that the awesome Ryan Clark took of us while in the lesson. Its a work in progress guys ahaha… Who can spot all the mistakes Im doing??

Photo by Ryan Clarke Photo by Ryan ClarkePhoto by Ryan Clarke

Life in Sri Lanka

If you dont want to surf or your muscles need a little break, there is so much things you can see and do; Jungle hikes, safari to national reserves, shopping and sightseeing in Galle Fort, a beach day at Unawatuna, party in Mirissa, listen to Live Music at Docs House, a coffee or a yoga session at Ceylon Sliders, a day at the Fortress Hotell and Spa, Dog Rescue Center   The list goes on and on, but these are things I did that I would recommend. If you havent already figured it out; YOU NEED TO GO SEE SRI LANKA!

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