How to keep confident..?

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How the hell to keep confident sometimes? You know those training days where nothing works and you are just asking your self what it is you are doing? Seriously, I asking now .. I had a day like that today in the water, where the confidence just disappeared. After spending a couple of hours recovering after all that disappointment I was just floating around with out there, I sat down and thought about how I really talk to myself during training.


I realise that I talk way differently to myself than I would any other person, client or student I have in my classes. I would never say “what in the world are you doing?? Cant you see where the line up is? Dont you understand that you get smashed if you sit that far in?!” But to myself, I end up talking like this. No bueno..

Impact zone

I started the session unfocused and without a goal. Two major mistakes. I also came with a lot of work sress in my head, and with no adrenaline and joy! That part is so much easier if you surf with a friend. Then at least you have someone to refer to in the water, someone that can help push you more, and someone that you can learn from.


But today, I ended up as a solo surfer. Many would say that it would be a dream situation! Alone in the line-up and all the waves for themselves. I agree. But it’s usually also a reason why there is not a single soul out there .. And maybe that was the case today, because I didnt get so much as a single freakin wave! Not ONE! Just a couple of halfway attempts and a few sets in my head .. You know you have not impressed anyone when checking the film and there are more photos of the scenery than there are of you on a surfboard ..

PicMonkey Sami collageBy the way; that small dot in the middle image is me, flating around amelessly .. So what do you do really, to keep confident I mean? How to keep the faith in yourself? In my case I could for example have focused more on the positive aspect of the surf..

IMG_0878A couple of examples here is that I at least showed up to surf, on a day where no one else was out, on a spot that is known for sneaky currents and rocky bottom, and with a forecast that actually predicted waves of up to 9 feet. .

Perhaps I could also have taken into account that it is after all 3 weeks since my last surf, and that much of the timing one needs disappears quickly when you do not get to surf regularly.

I probably also could have focused on what a buddy had to remind me; that I am one of the few lucky ones who actually had the opportunity to be there. I mean, just look what nature showss up with! It is so magical!


So to try to write a few notes to selfhere, that maybe other people can use also, how about these:

  1. Talk to yourself as you would talk to a customer, a student or a good friend
  2. Have a plan of action for the surf. Even the smallest goal will help
  3. Everything is relative. If you are alone you run a greater risk. Be extra careful
  4. Evaluate the challenges you encountered and come up with a new strategy for the next attempt
  5. Focus on the positive outcomes of the training. There’s always something!

Finally; of course tt is ok to be disappointed if you do not reach your goal. But try not to use too long (like me, who even had to throw a McFlurry doen before I could smile again), and use these emotions for something positive; Show up hungry for revenge on the next workout!


If anyone has some hot tips on how to deal with the disappointment, the irritation and the self confidense burst one gets from “failing” in training, please tell! I would be greatful for any tips and tricks 😉

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