High Intensity Training

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We are in the middle of a Training week her in Lapoint: Training 2.0. I am training a group of 8 and people are giving it all to maximize burn and keeping the intensity high. We all want long lasting lung capacity and a strong mind for those surfing days where you think you shouldnt go out, but then rethink the situation and remind yourself to face your fair and stare that wall of water dead in the eye instead! You never know when the day comes when you catch the wave of a lifetime. So go hard or go home!

2015_03_31_Lapoint-114 2015_03_31_Lapoint-101 2015_03_31_Lapoint-43 2015_03_30_Lapoint-118 2015_03_30_Lapoint-111 2015_03_30_Lapoint-45

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