Gluteus exercises in 4 different ways

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Another quick leg session from the amazing beaches of Oahu, Hawaii.. Here are 4 basic, but effective ways to get the glutes fired up. All you need is a weight and 20 minutes. We are going to do 4 rounds of 4 different exercises with 10 repetitions. Alternatively you can do each exercise until you are exhausted or loosing teqnique, and then move on to the next one. Set the timer for 20 minutes and just keep going until time is up.. As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible for the time you set (AMRAP Training). Super fun, especially if you are with a friend. Get the game face on and try it out.

Gluteus exercises done 4 different ways

  1. Deep squats with shoulder press
  2. Stepback Lunge
  3. Romanian Lunges
  4. Hip Thrusts

How to execute

The most important is to engage your core muscles every time, to protect your back. The best way would be to inhale and prepare for the movement, then hold your breath as you go through the motion and then exhale on top again..

Deep squats with shoulder press

Legs wider than shoulders, knees pressing out. Sit back when you go down. Weight through heels. When you drive up from the squat you push your arms over head as you exhale. Make sure you squeeze the glutes in the end of the movement before restart.

Stepback Lunge

Legs hip width apart. Weight on heels. Inhale, hold and step back. Exhale on the way up. Change legs.

Lunge with rock

Romanian Lunges

Back leg on a rock or bench or anything in the hight of your knees more or less. Weight on the heel of the foot you stand on. Legs with a distance that allows 90 degree angle in both knees in end of downward move. Inhale, drive your body straight down and exhale on the way up.

Hip Thrusts

Lay on two equally high benches, or in my case; rocks. Shoulders on one, and your feet on the other. Make sure your knees are more or less 90 degree angle on starting position. Rock/weight is resting on your hips. Inhale, hold, lift one leg straight up then drive through your hips and push them up as high as you can. Repeat until excaustion on one leg then repeat on the other leg.

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Hope you try it out! Its way more fun to train outside than in the gym..

In the end; here is a awesome beat to train to; enjoy 😀





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