#Food as medicine – 5 orange nutri-bombs

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Monday means thoughts about food as medicine, or rather; as being used in stead of medicine. Today is about 5 orange fruit and vegetables to take a closer look closer at. Orange foods contain a lot of vitamin A and C, in addition to strong antioxidants.

They get the color from Carotenoids like lutein, lycopene and beta carotene. They act as antioxidants and are very important for the body as they may reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. So in other words; there are many reasons to eat orange. We will look at the following 5 reasons:

Oransje matvarer

Orange nutrients


Orange is best known to contain large amounts of vitamin C (but actually does not top the list today ..) Furthermore, the content of pectin in the orange, in combination with vitamin C and flavone glycosides, is proabably the main reason why a number of studies have shown that oranges might protect you against several forms of cancer, including cancers of the stomach, prostate, breast and colon. Orange also has a protective effect against viral infections.




Pumpkin is definitely worth testing out. It works both in baked goods, dinners and in juices! It contains something called alkaloids, flavonoids, palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids, and thus providing a variety of medicinal advantages, such as both antidiabetic and antiinflammatory properties.



This orange vegetable is rich in beta carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in our bodies. The vitamin is important for eyesight and skin, and helps control growth and development.

When you eat carrots, you will also be provided with these essential substances such as potassium, folic acid, iron, carotene, magnesium and copper. Carrot is also rich in fiber and water and is for that good for the digestion.



Orange pepper / paprika

Pepper / paprika is super healthy and chock full of nutrients, including vitamin C. Did you know that the yellow and orange peppers contains almost four times as much vitamin C as an orange?

For the sake of ensuring a good uptake of the the vitamins in the pepper,  its always best to eat the peppers raw. Some of the nutritional content gets destroyed when boiled or heated in any way.
Oransje paprika

Oransje paprika

Sweet potatoe

Sweet potato also has large quantities of the orange substance Carotenoids (a protein) that acts as strong antioxidants in the body. Large consumption of this appears to protect against insulin resistance and high blood glucose levels. In addition, sweet potato has plenty of vitamin C, vitamin B2, B5 and B6.

Moreover, it also contains the antioxidant glutathione, a powerful detoxifying substance. The body uses glutathione to protect against cell damage and aging.


The body produces this substance itself, but the production declines with age, and this is probably an important reason why the body ages, and why both heart disease, cancer and chronic inflammation increase with age. The content of such a powerful protein in combination with abundant carotenoids and vitamin C also provides an anti inflammatory effect.

Regular consumption of sweet potato can therefore be beneficial against a variety of diseases such as atherosclerosis, asthma, osteoarthritis and rheumatism.


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