Coaching; a relationship, not a service

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I strongly belive that coaching is something that develops over time between two people who work together to reach goals set for one of the two. Its hard to set a price on this and even harder to “offer” this as a service. Its not how I work. But I chose to add it in here despite of that, because of the fact that I have both studies the area to some degree, and also worked alongside coaches, and I love this connection between coach and coachee. Something magical happens when you can be part of helping someone you love to reach their goals. And assist in clearing the way in order to get there. I belive in the tool set of the tipical coach theories, that its about establishing specific and measurable goals, creating a plan, eliminating obstacles and keep evaluating and re-evaluating these plans, always focusing forward.

So I hope that if you decide to work with me, you eventually will have this feeling, that I will be there for you and do what I can to help you on your way to reach your goals, this part is free of charge 😀

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