#Yoga favorites – Pose 7-9 from Progam I

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Hello again yoginitas! Lets continue with our yoga favorites. Today we are gonna take a look at exercise 7-9 from program. Lets see how these can be executed in a healthy way. To see the…read more

Yoga favorites – Part 1: The first 6 poses from Program I

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Hi guys! It’s time for a closer review of yoga program I, the program for surfers, dancers, cross country skiers, beginners or intermediete yogis, or for anyone interested in learning! I will not go through…read more

#Yoga favorites – Execution & programming

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I was thinking of spending a day a week going through my yoga favorites, explain how to execute them, and eventually explain how you could start building programs. Yoga is a form of exercise that…read more

5 pre surf stretches

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While the body is enjoying its last day on holiday, my head has started to dream about surf again. Here are 5 stretching exercises I often use before surf. You can easily do them in…read more

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