Sprints in the sand

Posted by in Basic Strength Exercises, Endurance, Functional Training, Hawaii, Leg training

Short sprints can be a hell of a work out. And adding a few explosive exercises for the glutes in the end will get you through the day not worrying about the leg training, AND…read more

Coconut and avocado Breakfast

Posted by in Breakfast, Hawaii

Coconut and avocado! Basically everything I need for a happy and tasty breakfast. And it just keeps falling down from the tree here 😀 Doesnt get any better than this. Here are some simple solutions…read more

Superset training

Posted by in Endurance, Hawaii, Leg training

Superset leg day in paradise. Does it get better than this? Today a friend and fellow PT and I took the training to the beach. And why shouldnt we, we are in freaking Hawaii 😀…read more

10 reasons why I love surfing

Posted by in Hawaii, Indonesia, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Surfing, USA Mainland

Hey guys! There are so many good reasons to surf! My top 10 reasons to surf has as much to do about training as it has being out in the wild! For whats better than…read more

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