Pop-up training in 4 steps

Posted by in Functional Training, Hawaii, Surfing, USA Mainland

No time or place to surf? No waves to pop-up on? No problem. Bring the surf training to the shore line to stay fit and ready for that next drop into the vertical blue! Today…read more

10 reasons why I love surfing

Posted by in Hawaii, Indonesia, Portugal, Spain, Surfing, USA Mainland

Hey guys! There are so many good reasons to surf, but my top 10 reasons to surf has as much to do about training as it has being out in the wild! For whats better…read more

Strong currents and surfing

Posted by in Portugal, Surfing

Hey there! Yesterday I got a little wake up call regarding strong currents and surfing. I often get mails and phone calls from people who wonder what rips are, how they work and whether they…read more

Surf, nature and passion

Posted by in Portugal, Surfing

Man, Im suffering from surf deprivation nowadays.. Whats a girl to do really, whilst awaiting for surf to arrive..? It feels like an eternity to wait for waves that according to the forecast seem so…read more

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