Sprints in the sand

Posted by in Basic Strength Exercises, Endurance, Functional Training, Hawaii, Leg training

Short sprints can be a hell of a work out. And adding a few explosive exercises for the glutes in the end will get you through the day not worrying about the leg training, AND…read more

Superset training

Posted by in Endurance, Hawaii, Leg training

Superset leg day in paradise. Does it get better than this? Today a friend and fellow PT and I took the training to the beach. And why shouldnt we, we are in freaking Hawaii 😀…read more

How low should you go when doing squats?

Posted by in Basic Strength Exercises, Crossfit, Leg training, Portugal

Squats are indeed one of the best leg excercises there is. The one question I get a lot is ; how low should we go when doing squats? I would say; go as low as…read more

# 5 min for legs – Staircase running

Posted by in Endurance, Functional Training, Leg training

Once again I am pressed for time, so I managed a leg workout in about 5 minutes with a hardcore flight up the beach stairs. I’m constantly on the go during the day and have…read more

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