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Functional Training

Functional Training with a personal trainer can be a really great way to get your training on track. If you need someone to help you structure and monitor your traning and help you on your way to reach your goals, […]

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Nutrition Guiding

As a nutrition guide formated from Tunsberg Medisinske Fagskole I can help you set the tone for a better lifestyle through your diet and nutritional choises. We can make a lot happen in one conversation where we make a plan […]

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Surf Training

Functional training for surfers is an area that interests me, and that I am looking into evolving. With time, the right teachers, and dedication, this will be an interesting area to learn more about. If you are a surfer, a […]

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Yoga Classes

Classes of yoga is a great tool to improve flexibility and strenght! I have been working with surfers for many years and has developed several specialised yoga programs that target the typical muscle issues of a surfer. The programs helps […]

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