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Flexitarian, I’m sorry, your what now?!

…I mean, come on! It’s already an ocean of slightly more legit titles to claim to show what food choises you make. I got it when you wanted to cut red meat, I never was big on red meat anyways. […]

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Pineapple, coconut and mint juice

Can a Piña Colada really be healthy? Oh yes. If you make it a virgin Piña Colada that is 😀 Fresh pineapple, pure coconut water and a hint of mint is all you need for an epic morning kickstarter. Piña […]

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Nutrition Guiding

As a nutrition guide formated from Tunsberg Medisinske Fagskole I can help you set the tone for a better lifestyle through your diet and nutritional choises. We can make a lot happen in one conversation where we make a plan […]

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