Spezia Exotic Pole workshop

Posted by in 2018, Pole Dance, Pole fitness class, Portugal

Hey guys, Olga Spezia is in town people! This is the workshop for those of you who want to find that sazzy va va voom pole dancer within. This is gonna be epic! In collabo…read more

Simple pole routine in heels

Posted by in Pole Dance

Pole fitness is here to stay boys and girls. You might as well get with the program and face that fact. And since its a new year with endless possibilities and new focus; I might…read more

A favorite from the pole world; Oona Kivelä

Posted by in Pole Dance, Portugal

While I patiently wait to gain access to the dance studio (now six weeks have gone and still I have not even the key to the new studio) I sit and look at clips from…read more

Pole Fitness Studio soon up and running!

Posted by in Pole Dance, Portugal

Yay! Today I’ve got some good news: I got a place here in the area confirmed, so that means my dance studio will soon be back up and running 😀 I’ve always loved dancing and…read more

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