Flexitarian, I’m sorry, your what now?!

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…I mean, come on! It’s already an ocean of slightly more legit titles to claim to show what food choises you make. I got it when you wanted to cut red meat, I never was…read more

Açai bowl recipe

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The açaí berry (Euterpe oleracea) is well knows in most training communities. Its a very powerful berry mostly grown in Brazil and Trinidad and northern South America. (info from Wikipedia) Açai berry benefits If you…read more

# Food as medicine – which oils to choose

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Which oils should we choose to include in our diet? I have compiled a selection of 5 oils that I use a lot, and I have tried to explain when and why these can be…read more

#Food as medicine – 5 orange nutri-bombs

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Monday means thoughts about food as medicine, or rather; as being used in stead of medicine. Today is about 5 orange fruit and vegetables to take a closer look closer at. Orange foods contain a…read more

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