Training diary including fun-o-meter

Posted by in Mental Training, Portugal, Surfing

Who would have thought that statistics class in school would come in handy one day?! But I actually do use a surf diary and keep a tiny statistic after each surf. And the most important…read more

Worried xmas gonna destroy your workout mode?

Posted by in Mental Training

Are you one of those who are worried about loosing your work out rhythm during the Christmas season? Thinking xmas is just stress. Not because there are thousands of packages to buy and a calendar…read more

How to keep confident..?

Posted by in Mental Training, Surfing

How the hell to keep confident sometimes? You know those training days where nothing works and you are just asking your self what it is you are doing? Seriously, I asking now .. I had…read more

10 golden rules of surfing

Posted by in Indonesia, Mental Training, Surfing

Make surf a priority if you want to improve. Know the conditions of the surf spot before you jump in; channel, peak, hazzards and exit point. Safety first.. Always have a goal of the day…read more

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