Can you become a better runner from not running?

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Well, can we? Become a better runner by not running I mean? What do you think? I ask because this is a personal experience I have and it surprises me each time it occurs; because every time I’ve had a loooong break from running (we’re talking maybe 3-6mnd) and I start againI always get a better lap time than I had at last best time” .. Isnt that a bit freaky? Or just a super cool “evidence” that the body can be trained in so many ways in order to adapt to a certain excersice. In my head it shows that you actually CAN get a better / stronger runner, al while not actually running. Whats your opinion/experience?

Running time

Well if it is so, then this probably also applies to many other things too right! Thats exciting. We dont need to neccesarily train just the sport you want to be tested in, in order to actually be able to perform well in that sport 😀 This is in many ways quite obvious, but at the same time a little surprising as well. So I would like to someghow try this out some more. But I have to think about how I can do it in a scientific way” 😉

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