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Alignment of the body is something that is always in the back of my mind. In the last 7 years I have been working with surfers and other athletes in their work to keep their bodies alined. This work includes a body posture analysis, massage therapy, stretching, strength training and even nutrition. I started working with the legendary Florencia Astegiano in 2011 and have been steadily grown a patient base that I have followed over time.

I love this work as it gives me the chance to work closer and more holistically with my patients, and include more aspects of my background, such as yoga, coaching, nutrition and functional training.

26981339_10155297550760687_1440438058_oWhat is body alignment?

The idea behind body alignment was given to me by Stephanie Lay. The founder behind Symmetric Rolling. Now this is a concept to dig into! The core idea is that our activities and sports training shifts our body out of its natural alignment becuase of unsymmetrical stress on the muscles.

This in turn will make the muscles pull unevenly on the skeleton and could result in various problems, pains and functional limitations. My goal is to help prevent this development, or realign the body if the unsymmetry has already occured. Its such an interesting work and I just love it!

Body Alignment on Surfers

Even though surfers in general looks very strong and straight, its a well knows problem that when you look closer, most of them have similar alignment issues. Most of it origins from the hips. The reason is mostly because we as surfers use our body different left and right. We have one foot in the back which takes on most of the pressure. This results in stronger, but tighter muscles on the back foot, and longer, but weaker muscles in the back.

Another problem from this is also in the spinal area. One side is usually stronger and tighter and the opposite weaker. This creates a lot of issues, butfortuantely we can work on all of this 😀 If you are feeling inhibited in your movements when you surf, let me know. Lets see if we can do some good together.

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