#Sunday Detox: Beetroot Detox Juice

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I have to admit that I do eat a lot, and I usually dont deny myself anything, so sometimes I am really far away from being a good role model, HOWEVER; I do have some tricks that I use to try and balance it all out, and one of the tricks is to begin Sundays with a small sunday detox juice or smoothie. Here are the ingredients you need:


I definately reccommend buying yourself a juice machine. They are worth it! I actually use NutriBullet for smoothies and a juice press from XXXX for juices.

I thought I would try to present some of my favorites here every Sunday, and try some new ones as well. Then I guess we will see how healthy and fit we feel after 52 Sundays of detox 😉

Here is a recipe of a beet root juice I have made a lot lately; Beetroot juice with green apples, ginger and a bit of lemon.

PicMonkey Collage ingredienser


1/2 beetroot
1 green apple
1/4 lemon
1 small piece ginger

Throw everything in the juicer with no peal, and serve with ice and a mint leaf on top.

Ginger cleanses the liver, beets are high in folic acid, which helps combat thrombosis and cardiovascular disease, and green apples contain a lot of pectin that lowers LDL cholesterol and antioxidants that may prevent cancer. In other words, I guess it cant hurt to try it:D Cheers!


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