Acro yoga and assisted stretching

Posted by in Brazil, Yoga

Acro yoga might sound like too advanced for the average Joe. Trust me, I though so too. And this is the fist time I tried it! It was a bit scary at first, but I…read more

Friendship, the strongest medicine out there

Posted by in Brazil, Mental Training

Friendships. I havent reflected much on this subject in a while, but today you caught me on a filosofical day. Isnt it crazy that a simple thing as a friendship is all you need to…read more

Aerial yoga benefits

Posted by in Brazil, Functional Training, Yoga

Aerial yoga is one of the best and most fun ways to decompress the spine! And decompressing the spine must be one of the best things we could to do our health I think. Spinal…read more

Saltwater Social Club Interview – living the dream

Posted by in Background, Mental Training, Portugal, Travels

Saltwater Social Club in Ericeira  just did an interview with me. It made me think a couple of times extra on living life with no regrets and how to be happy. It must be the…read more

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