Useless use of plastic

Posted by in Environment, Scandinavia

Now this.. This is what I would call a complete useless use of plastic. I just walked into one of the major supermarked chain stores of Norway to buy some veggies, and this is what…read more

Hummus recipe

Posted by in Snacks

Hummus was up until recently a complete secret to me. I had no idea what it was made of 😀 Never though to ask ahahah. But I finally sat down to figure it out, and…read more

Training with retired ninjas

Posted by in 2018, Basic Strenght Exercises, Coaching, Functional Training, Mental Training, Personal Training, Spain

Well at least in my opinion they might as well have been ninjas. They certainly train like ninjas! I have been so lucky to spend 11 days in Spain in Centro Assistencial Noruego. CAN for…read more

Ready, Steady, Sprint

Posted by in Endurance, Functional Training, Leg training

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