In short; here are my dream goals for this year. Some big and very challenging goals, other are more managable. But anyway I will do my best. Dream big right…? Getting barreled would be a huge goal. Since I am a tourist surfer, who knows if this can happen. But I will try!


1. Barrel by Xmas 2017

Sub goals to reach main goal;

  • Solid bottom turn
  • Breath hold 1.5 min under water while getting smashed
  • Swim 50 meters under water
  • Swim 400 meters in under 15 minutes

Hopefully the first 4 steps will help me get into a barrel one day


2. ISA / Austrian Surfing L2 trainer by October 2017

Sub goals to reach main goal;

  • Run 300 meters in sand under 4 minutes
  • Dive from 3 meters (I really dont know if I can do that, I am so scared of hights)
  • 70 kg in deep squats by June 1st 2016


3. Pole Choreo containing the following poses by December 2017:

  • Music box
  • Iron X to V to butterfly
  • Cartwheel
  • Oona spin
  • Fonji to albow V invert to basic hold invert
  • Machine gun

Sub goals to reach main goal;

  • 10 pushups with claps by June 1st 2017
  • 10 pullups by June 1st 2017
  • 5 handsprings to Iron X to handspring