Name; Elizabeth Killi
Born; 11.09.1979 in Oslo, Norway
Lives; in Ericeira, Portugal
Profession; Yoga instructor, Pole fitness instructor, Functional Trainer and Massage Therapist



Hey all, the “short” story of my life is that I am born and raised with my two brothers outside of Oslo, Norway. I always loved sports, physical movement, speed, dance, rhythms and beats, and this has stuck with me all through my life. I started dancing classical ballet and jazz ballet when I was 6 in Jorunn Kirkenær Ballettskole in Oslo.

Alongside my dancing, I had a huge passion for horses. I started riding when I was 8. I continued dancing until I was about 14 years, then I had to stop due to a pretty bad left knee.


Then, at 15 , I somehow I got a hold of a snowboard; ka-boom! Things changed in an instant and since then I have tried to have my feet on a board one way or the other. The feeling of riding a board through powder puff heaven, or jumping off a tiny cliff or over a box was so addictive, I spent all my free time in the local downhill playgrounds of Kolsåsbakken, the best years of my life at that time 😀

But, nothing lasts forever: after high school I chose to jump straight to my studies and spent 4 years studying and working a lot at the same time.

Fun, hectic and stressful times. The snowboard had to give way for finance books from Handelshøyskolen BI. Duuuuuhhh. I cant believe I made it through my studies, since economy was the subject; the only subject I truly hated from high school, but, somehow I managed to push through it and finish a Master of Business Economics, yey…!


After my studies my plan was to go explore the world. But life sends you some curve balls sometimes and everything can change in a split second.. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow of live and do the best you can.. Illness in my family led to big changes and big losses.

2015_03_31_Lapoint (43)

And big losses often leads to big thoughts about life. I started realising what is important in life; and its health, happiness, family, passion, love & personal growth. I started taking my dreams more seriously. And my dreams has led me to where I am today; living in a small fisherman village in Portugal, working with all my passions; dance, surf, horses and training. I left the busy, trendy, urban and self-absorbed lifestyle of the city and went to find my way in life.

profil3.pdfCoincidences took me to Ericeira, Portugal, where I tried surfing for the first time with Lapoint. And since then I have never looked back. My dreams are what keep pushing me forward.. Take your dreams more serious guys, no one is stopping you, but you. Allow your self to dream big, you never know unless you try. You just might get to where you wanna be. Trust me..!

Since then I have studied and became a certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit level 1 trainer, pole dance Level 1 and 2 certified instructor. I have also studied “Nutrition for Optimal Training results” in Tunsberg Medisinske fagskole.

I have studied anatomy and taken many massage courses. In the last years I have been working along side Florencia Astegiano who is considered one of the best sports massage therapists out there, specialised in working with surfers. We travel together and help surfers prepare for competitions or long surf sessons, and help them solve muscular issues after long sessions. I find this work truly interesting and I love to see the work help improove the person in the water. We use friction, traction, deep tissue, trigger points, cupping, passive and active alongation of the muscle, joint manipulation etc etc.


I hope people out there train to reach long term dreams of achievements, not just to look a certain way. Looks fade people, but a strong health and dreams realised is what its all about. Go out there and challenge yourselves. And tell me all about it.

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