#5 min for legs – Plyometric workout in 1-2-3

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Have you tried plyometric training before? Here is a plyometric workout that literally done in 1-2-3. It contains 3 exercises and its done in just 5 minutes. Use it as a kickass warm up, killer ending to a leg trainig, or as a mini-work out 🙂 Maybe at the beach?

Beach training

A plyometric exercise is based on jumps and bounces of various kinds. The muscles work hard over a short period, and get pulled together and then stretched out again completely before going right back to work again without any delay. This rubber band effect increases muscle strength (explosiveness).

Plyometric muscel contractions:

The muscle starts with a braking phase before going straight into a phase where the muscle acts as a motor again, for example when you are jumping. The braking phase is called dynamic – eccentric phase and this is where the magic happens: that’s where the muscle gets stretched which gives the muscle time to develop more force for when it is shortened again right after.

It was the one and only Alexandra Bring who opened my eyes for this type of training after a training camp we had together at Lapoint Surf Camp Portugal.


I’ll go through three basic exercises, which can be simplified or advancing with simple measures. They are all so easy, but I promise you you will feel it after just 5 min. So whether you want a quick “tone upfeel, a kick start to your training, or an killer ending to a workout, try doing these 3 as many times as possible in just 5 minutes! (Dressed in Kari Traa from head to toe ..)

Plyometric squats

This is the squat with a little jump in the end. You will feel this in the buttocks and thighs. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Imagine that you have plenty of weight on the heels. (A tip is to lift your toes and see if you can fan a little with them)
Lower your butt down and backwards, as if you are going to sit on a chair that stands far behind you. You are now in the starting position. Help to keep balance by swaying the arms to the front of the chest when you make the jump. Keep your knees pressed out at all times. 
Jump straight up in the air, and stretch your legs and hips. The arms come down in the jump. The aim is to NOT take a little break inbetween the starting position and the jump before you jump again. Try to do 10 consecutive jumps. Then you get the maximum benefit from this type of exercise. You feel that burn already?!

Plyometric lunges

Stand with both feet together. Imagine that there is a line in front of your feet and that you should not cross the line. Take a step backward with one foot and bend that knee until you almost hit the ground with his knee. Tighten the stomach. Keep your shoulders and torso straight throughout. Use your arms to load before the jump, and jump straight up and straight down. Repeat 10 times without stopping. Make sure your knees do not cross over the toes.


If you want a challenge you can do altering leg lunges like this video.


Plyometric side jumps

Stand with a hip-width apart with your legs. Tighten your stomach and sit halfway down into a squat. Lift one leg up and put it down behind the other. Make a jump to one side and stay on one leg. Jum right back and change the leg. Repeat 10 times on each leg, ie 20 jumps in total non-stop.


How to make it a work out

Do 10 of each exercise before continuing straight to the next one. So we do 3 × 10 exercises before 1 set is over. Do as many sets as you can in 5 minutes. This is a form of AMRAP training. ( “As Many Reps As Possible” within a given time). Go ahead! If it is the first time you do the exercises, then do them without jumping 🙂 It’s a great workout too 😀

Evaluation of exercises on a scale of 1-10 points

  • Equipment Needs: 10 (need nothing but clothes)
  • Effect: 8 (killer for the buttocks, front, back inside and outside thigh and legs)
  • Simplicity: 6 (need some balance and some explosiveness)
  • Total score: 8

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