3 simple single leg exercises

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Here are 3 simple single leg exercises that you can do anywhere. 5 minutes for legs. You can do that šŸ˜‰ They can be done either with or without weights. If you want weights I would perhaps choose something as simple as a backpack with a sandbag inside. It is farily difficult to do oneleg exercises with a bar or kettles for instanse, unless you have some practice..

Pistol squat in the making

The three exercises we are going to do are half pistolsquat with support, single legged lunge and single legged sumosquat. Witgsupport” I mean that we are using a form of support mechanism to holding one leg up. It can be a TRX, a box, a yoga ball or whatever. In my case it was a bench at the beach!

Half a Pistol squat with support

Stand with one leg on the ground, and place the other leg on your support in front you. The support should be lower than the knees, if not it will be hard to get down.

Inhale, tighten the abdomen, and try to sit down on a chair that is not there” behind you, ie, do a squat as far as you can go. Lean forward. The arms are used to keep balance.

Go slowly down, and a little more explosive back up. Straighten the body on the top each time. The closer you get the support you have selected, the further down you can go and the closer we come a real pistol squat, but to get into the feeling of the pistol, we can start like I did in the film. Then we progress from there.

Single Legged lunge

Turn around with your back facing the support. Place one leg behind you on the support. The closer the support you are standing with the other leg, the more you will feel it in the quads of the leg you are standing on. If you stand further away you will feel i more in the glutes. At least that is my expericence.

Take a deep breath, tighten the stomach and bend the knee you are standing on as deep as you can on the exhale, without putting the knee behind you down to the ground. Go slowly on the way down, and a little more explosively up again.

Single Legged Sumo Squat

Stand with your side against the support. Stand with your feet wide apart. Add a leg up on the support and keep your toes pointing upwards. On the leg you are standing on your toes will be pointing slightly outward. Inhale, tighten the stomach and sit down and back on the invisible chair again. The arms come forward to maintain balance. Go a little slower on the way down and more explosively on the way up again. Exhale on the way up.

(Clothes Kari Traa)

How to make a work out

If you want to do this with weights Is would do 8-10 repetitions on each leg on each exercise. If you do not have weights you can to 12-15 repetitions on each leg. Do 3 rounds on each exercise. This should take about 5 minutesšŸ˜‰

Evaluation of exercises on a scale of 1-10 points

  • Equipment Needs: 8 (do not need anything other than clothingĀ + backpack)
  • Effect: 7 (Pistol is good for hamstrings and glutes, lunges work the glutes quads, while sumo works the gluteus medius and inner/outer thigh)
  • Simplicity:Ā  6 (Need some balance and some explosiveness)
  • Average: 7

Use it after a jog for example, or as a minisession in your living room šŸ™‚

HAPPY EXPRESS TRAINING! Heres a cool music clip for you that I used today; Warren G & Nate Dog from the good old days. Oh yeah, there is a tiny gangsta-hip-hoper deep inside me somewhere šŸ˜‰


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